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Kathleen Joy Propert ScD



Kathleen Joy Propert ScD

Professor of Biostatistics

Dr. Propert's main area of research and expertise is the design and conduct of animal experiments and multi-center clinical trials. She has served as co-director of multiple data coordinating centers (DCCs), especially in urology. Her current focus is on methods and collaborations in T1 Translational Research—as director of the Biostatistics Core for the Institute for Translational Medicine and Therapeutics (ITMAT), the primary home of the CTSA at Penn. Her primary clinical applications include lipid metabolism, dermatology and head injury.

Dr. Propert's methodological research is related to optimal study design, especially for animal experiments and early stage clinical trials. Work in progress includes optimal design for animal toxicity studies of mixtures of drugs, adaptive design for clinical trials in rare diseases, and biomarker development in a high-throughput in-vivo assay. Related research focuses on the interaction of research ethics and statistical methods.

Content Area Specialties

Pain, optimal design, urology, gene therapy

Methodology Specialties

Clinical trials, longitudinal methods

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