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Sarah J. Ratcliffe, PhD



Sarah J. Ratcliffe, PhD

Professor of Biostatistics

Dr. Ratcliffe's research focuses primarily on functional data analysis (the analysis of complex curves) and models for longitudinal data in the presence of informative dropouts—particularly, joint models for longitudinal and event-time data. Her collaborative areas of interest include neonatology, fetal and maternal medicine,  reproductive health, critical care, and HIV/AIDS. Dr. Ratcliffe is currently the co-director of the CFAR Biostatistics & Data Management Core. She is also MPI of an NIH R01 grant titled "Semi-parametric joint models for longitudinal and time to event data" and of a U01 titled "Sustained inflation to aerate infant lungs (SAIL)."

Further information, papers and software are available from the Biostats Research site.


Methodology Specialties

Functional data analysis, longitudinal methods, missing data, repeated measures

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