Mary Regina Boland, MA, MPhil, PhD, FAMIA



Mary Regina Boland, MA, MPhil, PhD

Mary Regina Boland, MA, MPhil, PhD, FAMIA

Assistant Professor of Informatics

Dr. Boland's research focuses on developing and applying informatics methods for the study of human health—addressing novel clinical questions and motivating new lines of inquiry. In particular, she works to integrate clinical data from the electronic health record with external sources of information about geography and environmental exposures. She aims to produce new algorithms for the broader biomedical research community, which employ high-dimensional clinical data to optimize clinical research and patient care. Specifically she develops machine learning methods for mining large disparate data sources, to uncover novel clinical insights.

Content Area Specialties

Biomedical informatics, electronic health records, phenotyping, gene-environment interactions, prenatal/perinatal development 

Methodology Specialties

Data mining, machine learning, regression, Bayesian regression, integrating disparate data sources, data quality and data source assessment

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