Meghan Brooks Lane-Fall, MD, MSHP, FCCM



Meghan Brooks Lane-Fall, MD, MSHP, FCCM

Assistant Professor of Anesthesiology and Critical Care and of Epidemiology

Dr. Lane-Fall is an implementation scientist whose research is focused on the empiric study of strategies to support the safe and high-quality care of hospitalized patients. She employs qualitative and mixed methods to understand and improve the patient experience and to develop strategies to facilitate effective communication in healthcare.

Many of Dr. Lane-Fall’s publications have focused on hospital handoffs, which are interactions between clinical care members meant to ensure continuous, safe care. Her lab uses implementation science-informed approaches to develop appropriate, acceptable, and feasible interventions to improve handoff reliability and quality, thereby bridging the evidence-to-practice gap. This work has shown that creation, implementation and sustainment of standardized postsurgical handoffs is both feasible and effective.

Additional areas of interest include intensive care unit staffing, patient-centered outcomes after critical illness, and workforce diversity in anesthesiology and critical care.

Dr. Lane-Fall is currently funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Harold Amos Medical Faculty Development Program and is a co-investigator on two NIH grants to build research capacity for post-doctoral scholars.


Content Area Specialties

Implementation science, hybrid effectiveness-implementation trials, critical care, anesthesiology, perioperative care, teamwork and communication, handoffs, post-intensive care syndrome, workforce diversity

Methodology Specialties

Qualitative methods, mixed methods

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