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Michael Z. Levy, PhD



Michael Z. Levy, PhD

Associate Professor of Epidemiology

Dr. Levy works at the interface of epidemiology, ecology and statistics to understand and control vector-borne and other infectious diseases. For the past 13 years he has focused his research on the control of urban Chagas disease transmission in Peru. His research team in Peru conducts epidemiological studies on Chagas disease as well as entomological and ecological research on disease vectors and reservoirs. In addition, his team uses quantitative and qualitative methods to elucidate the factors that have led to the urbanization of a disease traditionally associated with rural poverty.

Dr. Levy's methodological interests include developing new Bayesian methods to retrace the history of epidemics, and applying techniques from control theory to optimize interventions against infectious diseases. Recently Dr. Levy's lab has begun to work on the bed bug problem in Philadelphia.

Content Area Specialties

Vector-borne disease, global health, infectious diseases, Chagas Disease, bed bugs 

Methodology Specialties

Bayesian modeling, disease ecology, vector control

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