DBEI Research Integration Focused Series

DBEI Research Integration Focused Series

Don't miss the debut of our new DBEI Research Integration Focused Series (DBEI-RISE)! We will meet virtually to identify topics of scientific importance that we can best pursue via collaborations among DBEI faculty, PSOM faculty and Penn faculty. Through presentations, discussions and brainstorming, DBEI-RISE will facilitate new collaborative work on both scientific and methodological questions that require further research. DBEI-RISE will hold quarterly meetings, each on a Friday from 10 am to 4 pm. Each meeting will generally include eight presentations and discussions. See below for our list of expert presenters in January!

To request our meeting link or for other questions: Contact Janine Pritchard.

1st DBEI-RISE Discussion Topic:
Wearable Devices and Mobile Health state-of-the-art applications and methodological challenges

 10 - 10:30 am

 Haochang Shou 
Assistant Professor of Biostatistics

Leaping forward into the era of wearable device and mobile health research: one step at a time

 10:30 – 11 am

 Mathias Basner
Professor and Director, Behavioral Regulation and Health Section
Director, Unit for Experimental Psychiatry, Division of Sleep and Chronobiology

Wearable devices and mobile health – a sleep, noise effects and astronaut behavioral health research perspective

 11 - 11:30 am

Wensheng Guo
Professor of Biostatistics

Functional principal analysis for 12-lead ECG data with potential extensions to wearable ECG data

11:30 am - 12 pm

Jasleen Minhas
Fellow, Pulmonary and Critical Care

Physical Activity and its association with traditional outcomes in Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension




1  – 1:30 pm

Jeffrey Morris
Professor and Director of Biostatistics

Distributions as functional data: dynamic modeling of distributional data for wearable devices

1:30  – 2 pm

Sunni Mumford
Professor of Epidemiology

Fit and Fertile? Integrating wearables to understand the role of lifestyle on fertility

2 – 2:30 pm

George Demiris
PIK (Penn Integrates Knowledge) University Professor, Professor of Informatics

Mobile health applications for older adults in community settings-Challenges and opportunities

2:30 – 3 pm

Ian Barnett
Assistant Professor of Biostatistics

Semi-supervised sleep estimation from sparse activity data


3 – 4 pm



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