The Department of Biostatistics, Epidemiology and Informatics brings together experts in three basic sciences, who create and demonstrate novel methods.


Mary Regina Boland, MA, MPhil, PhD
Assistant Professor of Informatics
George Demiris, PhD, FACMI
Penn Integrates Knowledge University Professor
Graciela Gonzalez Hernandez, MS, PhD
Associate Professor of Informatics
Blanca E. Himes, PhD, ATSF
Associate Professor of Informatics
John H. Holmes, PhD, FACE, FACMI
Professor of Medical Informatics in Epidemiology
Dokyoon Kim, PhD
Assistant Professor of Informatics
Jason Moore, PhD
Edward Rose Professor of Informatics / Director, Informatics Division
Danielle Mowery, PhD
Assistant Professor of Informatics
Li Shen, PhD, FAIMBE
Professor of Informatics
Ryan Urbanowicz, MSE, PhD
Assistant Professor of Informatics
Joost B. Wagenaar, PhD
Assistant Professor of Informatics
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To understand health and disease today, we need new thinking and novel science —the kind  we create when multiple disciplines work together from the ground up. That is why this department has put forward a bold vision in population-health science: a single academic home for biostatistics, epidemiology and informatics. LEARN MORE ABOUT US

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