Graduation 2021

Graduation 2021

Pictured are new PhDs (first row, from left) Jordan Dworkin, Jiaxin Fan, Sondra Lavigne, Jiarui Lu, Jessica Meeker; and (second row from left) Arman Oganisian, Eric Oh, Alessandra Valcarcel, Sherrie Xie, Lingjiao Zhang. (Not pictured: Lu Huang.)

The graduates were honored as part of the Biomedical Graduate Studies 2021 ceremony. Watch the virtual celebration here.

Read all about the new GGEB graduates here!

They are:
PhD in Biostatistics: Jordan Dworkin, Jiaxin Fan, Lu Huang, Jiarui Lu, Arman Oganisian, Eric Oh, Alessandra Valcarcel, Lingjiao Zhang

PhD in Epidemiology: Jessica Meeker

VMD/PhD in Epidemiology: Sondra Lavigne, Sherrie Xie

MS in Biostatistics: Euchan Bae, Kyle Coleman, Zhuoran Ding, Kylie Getz, Emily Getzen, Yi Liu, Melissa Martin, Eunyoung Park, Benny Ren, Amelia Schroeder, Jenny Shen, Jiayi Tong, Zi Wang, Dazheng Zhang

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