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Abhishek Chakrabortty

Abhishek Chakrabortty


PhD in Biostatistics, Harvard University

AM  in Biostatistics, Harvard University

M. Stat, Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata, India

BStat, Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata, India

Research Focus: 

Dr. Chakrabortty works in the following areas:

-Methodology: Semi-parametric methods for high dimensional (HD) and/or incomplete data; estimation and inference in semi-supervised settings; causal inference; regularized M-estimation and HD inference; HD single index models; Kernel-based non/semi-parametric methods; empirical processes and U-processes

-Applications: Personalized medicine (treatment selection, causal treatment effects estimation, disease risk prediction etc.); discovery research using electronic health records (EHR); automated/digital phenotyping

-Other interests: Model misspecification and robust methods; sufficient dimension reduction; finite sample performance guarantees and inference; sample-splitting/cross-fitting based estimation methods; bootstrap.

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