Our epidemiology faculty members employ many different avenues to discover, implement and disseminate novel methods that stand to improve the health of the public. They study a broad array of clinical and population-health issues; they move innovative findings from smaller-scale to larger clinical studies, including clinical trials and implementation studies. Their work uses rigorous scientific methods and a multidisciplinary approach to answer issues that affect the population locally, nationally and internationally.

The DBEI brings this work into close proximity and collaboration with cutting-edge research in biostatistics and informatics. We invite you to explore their latest publications focused on methods and basic science here.

Find their latest applied and team-science work on the website of the Center for Clinical Epidemiology and Biostatistics.


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To understand health and disease today, we need new thinking and novel science —the kind  we create when multiple disciplines work together from the ground up. That is why this department has put forward a bold vision in population-health science: a single academic home for biostatistics, epidemiology and informatics. MORE

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