Postdoctoral Researchers

Postdoctoral Researchers

Our post-doctoral researchers make important contributions to the creation of novel methods in biostatistics, epidemiology and informatics—both as team members and as leaders of their own inquiries.

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Other postdoctoral researchers: Ray Bai, Joanne Beer, Riddhi Pratim Ghosh, Siliang Gong, Chetkar Jha, Youjin Lee, Sai Li, Xiaokang Liu, Chongliang Luo, Yafei Lyu, Eun Jeong Min, Shulei Wang, Fei Xue, Mingying You, Jingru Zhang, Panpan Zhang, Yuanchao Zhang, Qinqing Zheng


Postdoctoral researchers: Danielle Abraham, Abigail Bretzin, Ghadeer Dawwas, Neil Dhopeshwarkar, Lindsay Glassman, Duber Gomez-Fonseca, Jason Gravel, Kathryn Hacker, Jiang Jiakun, Tjedza Matenge, Olorato Mathiba, William McKeever, Phuong Pham Nguyen, James Rotenberg, Thapelo Selaelo, Syed Mohsin Mahmood Shah



Other postdoctoral researchers: Shan Cong, Philip Freda Jr., Jie Hao, Sijia Huang, Jaehyun Joo, Man Su Kim, Trang Le, Yonghyun Nam, Nadia Penrod, Joseph Romano, Stephano Ruberto, Silvia Canelon Suarez, Qing Sun, Xiaohui Yao

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