2019 DBEI & CCEB Research Day Recap

2019 DBEI & CCEB Research Day Recap

  • Harold I. Feldman greeted the crowd to begin the day.

  • Hongzhe Li offered a brief overview of the day’s vast array of content.

  • Julie Szymczak took the helm to kick off the Featured Faculty Research presentations.

  • Karen Glanz looked at the health influence of environments such as supermarkets.

  • Dokyoon Kim talked about a different approach to handling a multi-omics data set.

  • Mingyao Li described working on different diseases via one method: single-cell analysis.

  • Flash talk #1: Xiaohui Yao on GWAS of the hippocampal area, important in Alzheimer's.

  • In her flash talk, Jiaxin Fan focused on inferring allele-specific expression.

  • Top epidemiology prize: Thomas Hanff on an effect of anesthesia on cardiac hemodynamics.

  • Ari Klein's talk looked at social media mining to study patient-reported birth defect outcomes.

  • Top informatics flash talk prize: William La Cava on learning features from longitudinal data.

  • Overall top flash talk: Wenli Sun's nonlinear Bayesian support vector machine approach.

  • Alessandro Testori addressed genetic analysis of neuroblastoma in African-American children.

  • Alessandra Valcarcel talked about probability map automatic segmentation in MS.

  • Top biostatistics flash talk: Lingjiao Zhang on model-based phenotying in the EHR.

  • Final flash talk: Meijia Zhou on identifying signals of potential drug-drug interactions.

  • During morning break, Stephen Kimmel (left), Harold Feldman, keynote speaker Peter Embi.

  • Alexis Ogdie-Beatty: psoriatic arthritis differs from rheumatoid and needs its own trial designs.

  • Alisa Stephens-Shields: simulation of a comparative-effectiveness trial in psoriatic arthritis.

  • Taki Shinohara’s team devised a gold-standard method for counting the lesions that mark MS.

  • Douglas Wiebe’s team uncovered dramatic results of a rule change in Ivy League football.

  • Yong Chen of Biostatistics (center) was named a new DBEI Distinguished Faculty member.

  • Haochang Shou of Biostastics also joined the ranks of the DBEI Distinguished Faculty.

  • The lunchtime poster session saw high interest and busy interaction.

  • The BRB lobby hosted a hub of more than 40 posters.

  • Danielle Mowery of Informatics introduced kindred spirit Peter Embi’s keynote.

  • Keynote speaker Peter Embi capped off the day with a mandate for the learning health system.

Our Second Annual DBEI & CCEB Research Day attracted a large audience to Penn’s Biomedical Research Building, where the day began with remarks by DBEI Chair and CCEB Director Harold I. Feldman, MD, MSCE, and Hongzhe Li, PhD, Professor of Biostatistics and DBEI Vice Chair for Integrative Research. The content-packed agenda reflected the DBEI's methods work across the full spectrum of population-health science and showed how the CCEB links clinical epidemiology and biostatistics within the Perelman School of Medicine, the University of Pennsylvania Health System, and the Penn community.

Moderator Julie Szymczak, PhD, kicked off the Featured Faculty Research session. View video of Karen Glanz, PhD, MPH (epidemiology), Mingyao Li, PhD (biostatistics) and Dokyoon Kim, PhD (new to our informatics faculty).

Next came 10 vibrant flash talks that illustrated top abstracts by our postdocs and students, including four prize winners announced at the event! The flash talks were chosen from more than 40 abstracts, all of which made for a great poster session. Browse the abstracts here.

The late morning showcased talks by the DBEI 2017-18 Distinguished Faculty. View video of Alexis Ogdie-Beatty, MD, MSCE, and Alisa Stephens-Shields, PhD; Russell T. Shinohara, PhD; and Douglas Wiebe, PhD. Their session capped off with the announcement of our new class of Distinguished Faculty: Yong Chen, PhD, and Haochang Shou, PhD, both members of our Biostatistics Division. Dr. Feldman and Biostatistics Division Director J. Richard Landis, PhD, made the presentations.

Rounding out the day, Danielle Mowery, PhD—of our Informatics Division and also Penn Medicine’s first Chief Research Information Officer—introduced the keynote. View the full talk by Peter J. Embi, MD, MS, FACP, FACMI, an internationally recognized leader in clinical and translational research informatics. In "Leveraging Informatics to Enable Evidence-Generating Medicine and Create Learning Health Systems," Dr. Embi, the Brian L. Strom Visiting Professorship lecturer, shared his personal story of an unusual diagnosis as he advocated for a new research-practice paradigm, driven by informatics, to create learning health systems. Dr. Embi is President and CEO of Regenstrief Institute and Leonard Betley Professor of Medicine, Indiana University School of Medicine.


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