DBEI & CCEB Research Day: Division Leader Talks

DBEI & CCEB Research Day: Division Leader Talks

At our inaugural DBEI and CCEB Research Day on April 10, 2018, our leaders in informatics, biostatistics and epidemiology shared snapshots of our latest work. Here we feature excerpts from their talks.

We often hear about the electronic health record, but many other sources of data are just as important. DBEI Informatics Division Director Jason Moore, PhD, FACMI, asks: How can we integrate all of that information and get meaning out of it to help patients?


Can changes in people’s behavior help us predict events such as suicide, relapse or hospitalization? J. Richard Landis, PhD—Director, DBEI Division of Biostatistics and Associate Director, CCEB Biostatistics Unit—describes a current study from Penn biostatistics and psychiatry.  


Why don’t people take their medications as prescribed?  Beyond serious adverse reactions such as those reported to the FDA, we have another important source of information—and we need to learn how to use it, says Stephen Kimmel, MD, MSCE. Dr. Kimmel is Director, DBEI Division of Epidemiology and Associate Director, CCEB Clinical Epidemiology Unit.

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To understand health and disease today, we need new thinking and novel science —the kind  we create when multiple disciplines work together from the ground up. That is why this department has put forward a bold vision in population-health science: a single academic home for biostatistics, epidemiology and informatics. 

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