Graduation 2019

Graduation 2019

Congratulations to our biostatistics and epidemiology grads! Pictured are those who walked as part of the ceremony, with biostatistics faculty and Perelman School of Medicine (PSOM) leadership.

First row (left to right): Faculty members Mary Sammel, Nandita Mitra, Mingyao Li and Jinbo Chen, and Biomedical Graduate Studies (BGS) Director Kelly Jordan-Sciutto
Second row (left to right): PSOM Dean J. Larry Jameson; Mingyang Li, MS in Biostatistics; Yaqian Angela Zhu, MS in Biostatistics; Carolyn Lou, MS in Biostatistics; Nicholas Illenberger, MS in Biostatistics; Justin Lakkis, MS in Biostatistics; Le Wang, PhD in Biostatistics; Jill Schnall, MS in Biostatistics; DBEI Chair Harold I. Feldman, PSOM Executive Vice Dean and Chief Scientific Officer Jonathan Epstein

MS in Biostatistics grads not pictured: Lillian Boe, Kenneth Locke, Rong Ma, Hayley Richardson, Jianqiao Wang.
Epidemiology PhD grads not pictured: Audrey Blewer, Alexis Zebrowski


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To understand health and disease today, we need new thinking and novel science —the kind  we create when multiple disciplines work together from the ground up. That is why this department has put forward a bold vision in population-health science: a single academic home for biostatistics, epidemiology and informatics. 

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