Graduation 2022

Graduation 2022


Pictured are new PhDs (first row, from left) Victoria Arthur, Nicholas Illinberger, Arielle Marks-Anglin,
Joanna Hart, Jing Zhang; and (second row from left) Jian Hu, Erin Schnellinger, Mackenzie Edmonson,
Jianqiao Wang, Amelia Van Pelt.
(Not pictured: Darcy Ellis, Tara Klingner, Justin Lakkis, Elle Lett, Rong Ma, Zihe Zheng, Yaqian Zhu)


Congrats to all the new graduates…

PhD in Biostatistics: Victoria Arthur, Mackenzie Edmonson, Joanna Hart, Jian Hu, Nicholas Illinberger, Justin Lakkis, Rong Ma, Arielle Marks-Anglin, Jianqiao Wang, Yaqian Zhu

PhD in Epidemiology: Elle Lett, Darcy Ellis, Tara Klingner, Erin Schnellinger, Amelia Van Pelt, Jing Zhang, Zihe Zheng

MS in Biostatistics: Ganesh Chandrasekaran, Sarah Elizabeth Hegarty, Gary Hettinger, Yuqing Lei, Sheila Katherine Pierson, Jeremy Rubin, Hai-Shuo Shu, Bingyue Zhu


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