Third Annual DBEI & CCEB Research Day!

Third Annual DBEI & CCEB Research Day!

Thanks to all who joined us virtually as we showcased the highlights of our work in our third annual Research Day, on March 24!  Research Day is a joint project of the DBEI and the Center for Clinical Epidemiology and Biostatistics. While we missed seeing everyone in person, we were excited to feature a full keynote by Sue Curry, PhD (details below), and to add these robust benefits...

EXPLORE OUR GALLERY OF RESEARCH BY 48 RISING EXPERTS! This interactive gallery, where you can view videos, post comments and more, is now fully public. Also check back at this page for video of our keynote and our featured faculty speakers.

Recap of the Day

9 AM: Welcome, followed by in-depth looks at high-impact faculty research:
Sean Hennessy, PharmD, PhD (epidemiology): Medicines as Thermo-Protectants?
Hongzhe Li, PhD (biostatistics): Interrogating the Gut Microbiome — Estimation of Growth Rates and Prediction of Biosynthetic Gene Clusters
Blanca Himes, PhD (informatics): Enhancing Electronic Health Record Data to Address Health Disparities
Pamela Shaw, PhD (biostatistics): Efficient Study Designs for the Analysis of Error-Prone Electronic Health Records [EHR] Data)
Plus: We announced our new class of DBEI Distinguished Faculty: Graciela Gonzalez Hernandez, MS, PhD and Vincent Lo Re II, MD, MSCE.

11:30 AM: Ten flash talks illustrated the work behind our highest-ranked poster presentations. Who won prizes? See the updates below!

Emily Acton, Epidemiology PhD student: Opioid Drug-Drug-Drug Interactions and Unintentional Traumatic Injury: Screening to Detect Three-Way Drug Interaction Signals

Emily Getzen, Biostatistics PhD student: Mining for Health: A Comparison of Word Embedding Methods for Electronic Health Records Update: Emily won the top prize in biostatistics!

Mengyuan Kan, Informatics postdoc: Multi-Omics Analysis Identifies a Novel Glucocorticoid Response-Associated Locus near BIRC3

Brian Lee, Penn student & lab staff of Li Shen, PhD (Informatics): Genome-Wide Association Study of Quantitative Biomarkers Identifies a Novel Locus for Alzheimer?s Disease at 12p12.1 Update: Brian won the top prize in informatics!

Carolyn Lou, Biostatistics PhD student: Automated Detection of Paramagnetic Rims in Multiple Sclerosis Lesions on 3T Susceptibility-based MR Imaging

Yonghyun Nam, Informatics postdoc: Early Prediction of Pregnancy-Associated Hypertension with Graph-Based Semi-Supervised Learning

Brinkley Raynor, VMD / Epidemiology PhD student: The Impact of COVID-19 Control Measures on Rabies Re-Emergence in Latin America Update: Brinkley won the top prize overall!

Erin Schnellinger, Epidemiology PhD student: Accounting for Survivor Bias in Transplant Benefit Models Update: Erin won the top prize in epidemiology!

Jingru Zhang, Biostatistics postdoc: Empirical Likelihood Methods for Variance Component in Linear Mixed-Effects Models  

Emma Zheng, Epidemiology PhD student: Identify Obesity and Adiposity-Related CKD Subgroups and Metabolites: Findings from the Chronic Renal Insufficiency Cohort (CRIC) Study

12:30 PM: Lunch break. Attendees browsed our research posters and related videos in our online gallery, and interacted in our virtual poster session.

We also featured these CCEB Centers of Excellence: Center for Pharmacoepidemiology Research and Training, Center for Therapeutic Effectiveness Research, Center for Health Behavior Research, Center for Causal InferenceCenter for Statistics in Big DataPenn Statistics in Imaging and Visualization Endeavor, Penn Injury Science Center

1:30 PM: We announced flash talk winners and culminated with the keynote "Population Health: Making Science Matter," by Sue Curry, PhD, our Brian L. Strom Visiting Professorship lecturer. Dr. Curry is recognized internationally for her expertise in behavioral science and in translation of research findings into health policy. Her work addresses ways to stop tobacco use, change diet, modify risky drinking patterns, and increase compliance with recommended cancer screening. Dr. Curry is emeritus Dean and Distinguished Professor in the Department of Health Management and Policy of the University of Iowa College of Public Health.


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