2018 DBEI & CCEB Research Day Recap

2018 DBEI & CCEB Research Day Recap

  • Harold I. Feldman, MD, MSCE, kicked off the festivities.

  • Jason Moore, PhD, FACMI, discussed the crucial role of informatics in the "learning health system."

  • J. Richard Landis, PhD, highlighted cutting-edge biostatistics work in areas such as digital phenotyping.

  • Stephen Kimmel, MD, MSCE, described how epidemiologists collaborate to probe issues such as medication adherence.

  • Abdhi Sarkar was one of many compelling presenters in the poster session.

  • Michael V. McConnell, MD, MSEE, Brian L. Strom Visiting Professorship lecturer (left), spoke with Executive Vice Dean Jonathan A. Epstein, MD.

  • Qi Long, PhD (center), our energetic emcee, circulated in the crowd.

  • Interaction was key throughout the day.

  • Joanna Harton, a biostatistics PhD student, delivered a flash talk on propensity score estimation with missing covariate data.

  • Yu Hu, a biostatistics PhD student, shared a flash talk on identifying differential splicing events by single-cell RNA sequencing data.

  • M. Elle Saine, an MD/PhD student, delivered a flash talk on concordance of hospitalized endpoints within clinical practice.

  • Simon Vandekar, a biostatistics PhD student, shared a flashtalk on powerful permutation tests for neuroimaging.

  • Xiaohui Yao, a postdoctoral researcher, delivered an informatics flashtalk on a network-based genome-wide study.

  • Trang T. Le, postdoctoral researcher, delivered an informatics flashtalk on deciphering interdependent immunologic biomarkers.

  • Ruowang Li, a postdoctoral researcher, won top informatics honors for his flash talk on a computational method to improve missing data.

  • Jing Huang, a postdoctoral researcher, took the prize in biostatistics for her talk on bias reduction in EHR-related research.

  • Megan Noe, an MSCE student, won the top prize in epidemiology for her flash talk  on overestimation of mortality in SCORTEN.

  • Postdoctoral researcher Todd Miano garnered the top prize overall for his epidemiology flash talk  on Tacrolimus pharmacogenetics.

Our inaugural Research Day on April 10, 2018, brought a full and enthusiastic crowd to Penn's Smilow Center for Translational Research, where they were greeted by opening remarks from DBEI Chair and CCEB Director Harold I. Feldman, MD, MSCE. The day reflected the DBEI's work across the full spectrum of population-health science: devising and testing preventive strategies, managing chronic illnesses, developing personalized treatments for acute illnesses; and it showed the CCEB in action, linking clinical epidemiology and biostatistics within the Perelman School of Medicine, the University of Pennsylvania Health System, and the Penn community.

First up were snapshots of our latest innovations, shared by our leaders in informatics, biostatistics and epidemiology, respectively. View video of Jason Moore, PhD; FACMI; J. Richard Landis, PhD; and Stephen Kimmel, MD, MSCE.

Next on the docket were 10 dynamic flash talks by our students and trainees, including prize winners that we announced at the event! The flash talks were chosen from among more than 50 poster sessions. View the abstracts here (PDF).

The afternoon concluded with an exciting keynote that showed how smartphones are transforming health research: Michael V. McConnell, MD, MSEE, delivered this year's Brian L. Strom Visiting Professorship lecture, "Mobile Health Innovations for Research, Prevention and Clinical Care." Dr. McConnell leads cardiovascular health innovations at Verily (formerly Google) Life Sciences and is a Clinical Professor at Stanford University. View Dr. Michael V. McConnell's keynote here.

We look forward to hosting Research Day annually!

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