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Jason A. Roy, PhD



Jason A. Roy, PhD

Associate Professor of Biostatistics

Dr Roy's current methodological research interests broadly center on developing Bayesian non-parametric methods for causal inference. This includes methods for causal mediation, treatment-effect heterogeneity, and optimal treatment strategies. He is also interested in developing scalable algorithms for big data in this space. His methodological research is largely motivated by challenges that come from analyzing data from large healthcare databases. Another area of interest is developing interactive graphical methods that capture uncertainty in clustering algorithms for dense data. His primary collaborations are in pharmacoepidemiology and chronic kidney disease.

Dr. Roy is co-director of the Center for Causal Inference. He won the 2002 David P. Byar Young Investigator Award, ASA Biometrics Section. He is currently associate editor of Biometrics, Journal of the American Statistical Association (Applicaitons and Case Studies), Journal of the Royal Statistical Society Series C, Observational Studies, and Pharmacoepidemiology & Drug Safety.


Content Area Specialties

Pharmacoepidemiology, chronic kidney disease, hepatitis, infectious diseases

Methodology Specialties

Bayesian modeling, causal inference, heatlh data science, machine learning, missing data

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