Jeffrey Stephen Gerber, MD, PhD, MSCE



Jeffrey Stephen Gerber, MD, PhD, MSCE

Jeffrey Stephen Gerber, MD, PhD, MSCE

Associate Professor of Pediatrics and Epidemiology

Dr. Gerber's research focuses on the epidemiology and outcomes of antibiotic use in children, with the goal of improving clinical outcomes while limiting the emergence of antimicrobial resistance. In general, his approach has been to benchmark antimicrobial use across clinical settings to identify high-impact targets for improvement. That approach is followed by comparative effectiveness studies for clinical scenarios where practice varies, in the absence of evidence; interventions to implement and disseminate evidence-based practice, where prescribing guidelines do exist; and qualitative assessments of the clinician, practice, or institution-level factors that might drive antimicrobial prescribing.

Content Area Specialties


Infectious diseases, patient-oriented research, pediatrics, pharmacoepidemiology

Methodology Specialties

Clinical trials, health services research, longitudinal methods, multivariate analysis, time series

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