Evictions and the Role of Eviction Moratoria During Covid-19

Evictions and the Role of Eviction Moratoria During Covid-19

April 2021

Michael Levy, PhD, has played a pivotal role in researching and commenting on the potential harm of evictions — and the mitigating role that eviction moratoria can play — during the Covid-19 pandemic. He co-led a study with researchers at Johns Hopkins University and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, which found that local and federal eviction moratoria are a “warranted and important component of COVID-19 control.” Here we present a few highlights of this work.

Read the study in Nature Communications 

Philadelphia magazine interview with Dr. Levy, which cites related testimony in US District Court

Penn Medicine news release on the study

Penn Medicine blog about the study's preliminary findings

Philadelphia Inquirer editorial cites forboding findings from Dr. Levy's research

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